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The Worst Answer to Climate Anxiety: Wellness

This peculiar kind of rose-quartz neoliberalism has been quietly crystallizing for decades. Wellness in the 1650s simply meant the opposite of illness. Now, it encompasses both legitimate and sham medical treatments, workplace interventions, and luxury goods. It’s pervasive in real estate marketing (Deepak Chopra bought a condo in the “health-centric” Delos building in Manhattan) and […]

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Therapist Raises Over $80K To Provide Free Mental Health Resources For The Black Community

In the midst of the uprising and the pandemic’s disproportionate impact on communities of color, individuals and organizations are leading initiatives focused on Black mental health. According to Philadelphia Magazine, a Pennsylvania-based therapist raised over $81,000 to provide free therapy for those coping with trauma that stems from racism. The effort is being led by […]

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Tips For Stretching Fruits & Veggies

In a world where heading to the market can be a potential health risk, making the most out of what you have is key. Fruits and vegetables specifically since they’re perishable. From freezing to refrigerating and properly storing, here a few tips that I’ve found useful when it comes to stretching produce: 1. Refrigerate as […]

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