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22 Days of Eating Like Beyoncé, Day 8: But Will It Really Tip the Scales?

Photo: iStock For everyone who thinks 22 days of veganism will get you bodied like Beyoncé (or think that I think it will), think again—or so says my scale, which this morning registered approximately a pound of weight loss after a week of loosely following the 22 Days Nutrition plan. While those results are far […]

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22 Days of Eating Like Beyoncé, Day 1: Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

Does this Thai make me look fat?Photo: iStock First date day, and I’ve already cheated—not that I’m a cheater, as I had to assure my date before my first day was done, but some experiences are just too irresistible to resist. In fact, this cheat felt so organic, I didn’t even notice until after the […]

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Got 22 Days? Beyoncé and Her Trainer Have Your New Eating Plan

We all saw it—the grueling journey from postnatal (with twins!) ‘Yoncé to Homecoming cutoffs ‘Yoncé—and frankly, I, for one, instantly decided I didn’t have the stamina (seriously, the woman is damn near supernatural). But to hear it straight from the Queen’s mouth in the promo for her newest venture, 22 Days Nutrition, “getting the weight […]

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