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How to Create a Chinese Feast, Inspired by Lulu Wang’s ‘The Farewell’

“Dad! You have to say he did a good job,” said the filmmaker Lulu Wang. She was addressing her father, Haiyan Wang, who was sitting next to me at dinner. It was a beautiful recent evening at the West Hollywood restaurant Auburn. A bottle of Maotai, the fiery Chinese liquor, was open, a feast of […]

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Review: In ‘The Farewell,’ a Sham Wedding Is Really a Premature Funeral

“The Farewell,” Lulu Wang’s second feature, conjures a premise so rich with potential comedy, heartbreak and family weirdness that it can only have come from real life. Which it did, via an episode of “This American Life” that first aired in 2016. The film version, which announces itself as “based on an actual lie,” has […]

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