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We Should Have Bought the DVDs

Editors’ note: This is part of the Op-Eds From the Future series, in which science fiction authors, futurists, philosophers and scientists write Op-Eds that they imagine we might read two, 10, 50 or even 200 years from now. The challenges they predict are imaginary — for now — but their arguments illuminate the urgent questions […]

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How to Navigate a Flood of Streaming TV Subscriptions

In the old days of cable, you paid one giant price for more TV than you could ever want. It was awful. It was expensive. And who even watches most of this stuff? Now, every media company has its own streaming subscription that you can buy à la carte. And it’s still awful, but in […]

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We’re Living in a Subscriptions World. Here’s How to Navigate It.

Nowadays we don’t really buy things. We just subscribe to online services. And how can we resist? The streaming revolution has brought us vast amounts of video and music entertainment at the click of a button. In an era of cloud storage, where we store our data on remote computer servers, tech companies like Google […]

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