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Plant-Based ‘Meats’ Catch On in the Pandemic

That hasn’t slowed demand for meat. Sales from April 12 to May 9 were 28 percent higher than in the four weeks ending Jan. 18, before the first reported case of coronavirus in the United States, according to data from Nielsen. But the meat industry’s troubles may have provided a boost for plant-based meat substitutes, […]

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How to Cook With Plant-Based Meats

SAN MATEO, Calif. — Even before opening my restaurant, Wursthall, here a couple years ago, I knew that taking vegan and vegetarian options seriously — with both traditionally vegan foods and modern meat alternatives — would be a central element of its success. Though sausages form the backbone of the menu, my team and I […]

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Plant-Based Meat Has Roots in the 1970s

Even as Americans mass in cities and their suburbs, the range-roaming cowboy has endured as a national symbol, along with the cholesterol-laden diet he represents: heavy on steaks, hamburgers, sausages and the like. What if that iconic image were replaced someday by, say, a technician in a lab coat producing a facsimile of a traditional […]

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