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Search for Missing Teenager in Vatican Cemetery Unearths Thousands of Bones

VATICAN CITY — Less than 10 days after Vatican officials said they found no evidence that the daughter of an employee who disappeared 36 years ago had been buried in a cemetery inside Vatican City, a new foray there unearthed two ossuaries Saturday that contained unidentified human bones. Whether any of them belonged to the […]

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A Clash of Worldviews as Pope Francis and Putin Meet Again

ROME — Officials in Italy locked down the capital, closed public parks and diverted traffic on Thursday before a state visit by President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, whose most-anticipated meeting was with Pope Francis, viewed by many European liberals as the greatest moral voice against the resurgence in populism. But for many European nationalists […]

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Pope Francis Seeks to Mend Open Wounds With Orthodox Church in Romania

BUCHAREST, Romania — When Pope John Paul II made history in Romania 20 years ago by becoming the first leader of the Roman Catholic Church to visit a predominantly Orthodox nation since the schism of 1054, he was welcomed as the global figure who helped bring down Communism. Still, wary Romanian Orthodox officials limited his […]

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