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AI researchers launch SuperGLUE, a rigorous benchmark for language understanding

Facebook AI Research, together with Google’s DeepMind, University of Washington, and New York University, today introduced SuperGLUE, a series of benchmark tasks to measure the performance of modern, high performance language-understanding AI. SuperGLUE was made on the premise that deep learning models for conversational AI have “hit a ceiling” and need greater challenges. It uses […]

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Facebook AI’s RoBERTa improves Google’s BERT pretraining methods

Facebook AI and University of Washington researchers devised ways to enhance Google’s BERT language model and achieve performance on par or exceeding state-of-the-art results in GLUE, SQuAD, and RACE benchmark data sets. Researchers detailed how RoBERTa works in a paper published last week on arXiv. Named RoBERTa for “Robustly Optimized BERT approach,” the model adopts […]

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Mysterious Hole in Antarctic Sea Ice Explained by Robots and Seals

Instrumented elephant seal. Image: Dan Costa/UC Santa Cruz A gigantic hole in Antarctica’s sea ice has perplexed scientists for decades. Now, with the help of robots, satellites, and seals with sensors strapped to their heads, a team of researchers has discovered that climate, salt levels, and an underwater mountain all contribute to the weird recurring […]

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