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How Does a Nation Adapt to Its Own Murder?

BRUNY ISLAND, Australia — The name of the future is Australia. These words come from it, and they may be your tomorrow: P2 masks, evacuation orders, climate refugees, ocher skies, warning sirens, ember storms, blood suns, fear, air purifiers and communities reduced to third-world camps. Billions of dead animals and birds bloating and rotting. Hundreds […]

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Greta Thunberg’s Message at Davos Forum: ‘Our House Is Still on Fire’

DAVOS, Switzerland — Greta Thunberg planned a speech to the world’s business and political leaders here Tuesday accusing them of “empty words and promises” that will do little to avert a climate change crisis. “Our house is still on fire,” she was expected to say, reprising her most famous line from an address last year […]

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