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How the U.S. Economy Is Taming Inflation Without a Recession

Early this year many economists held a very grim view about the prospects for reducing inflation without a major economic slowdown and a big rise in unemployment. One prominent economist declared that underlying inflation was at least 4.5 percent and that “all the hoped-for saviors” — that is, forces that might bring inflation down painlessly […]

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The Youth in China Can’t Find Work. That’s a Problem for Xi Jinping.

In August, the Chinese government released a shocking piece of data: A record 21.3 percent of Chinese citizens between the ages of 16 and 24 in cities were unemployed. It promptly decided to suspend future publication of its urban youth unemployment rate. The current data is bad enough; it’s about the same youth unemployment rate […]

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How on Earth Can Voters Think Trump Accomplished More Than Biden?

Climate-driven premium inflation is not likely to get better anytime soon. Of course, it’s self-inflicted, not only through our emission of carbon into the atmosphere but also, in the United States, through a ridiculous governance scheme that assigns insurance regulation to individual states. Especially in a hurricane corridor like Florida’s or a wildfire-friendly landscape like […]

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