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Miami Officer Acquitted of Attempted Manslaughter: ‘He Should Have Never Been Charged to Begin With’

Screenshot: CBC News Video (YouTube) Charles Kinsey thought he was good. Despite police on the scene, as he laid on the North Miami sidewalk with his arms extended in the air, he believed he posed no threat. And he thought the same of his group home patient, 23-year-old Arnaldo Rios Soto, who sat beside him […]

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California Police Swarm an Unarmed Black Man With Guns Drawn in Viral Video

Screenshot: CloutChAseR 2 Video (YouTube) On Saturday, Instagram user @blueasdasky released a nearly five-minute long video she recorded of Hawthorne, Calif., police drawing their weapons on an unarmed black man. In the viral clip, she can be heard pleading for police not to shoot a man who identifies himself as William and asserts he’s actually […]

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