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TriEye partners with Porsche to put infrared sensors in ADAS and self-driving systems

Short-wave infrared imaging sensors (SWIRs) could prove invaluable for automakers working on autonomous vehicles. Unlike lidar and radar sensors, which are susceptible to certain forms of interference, they’re able to capture crystal-clear frames in fog and dust, as well as in low light. TriEye, one of the leaders in the segment, today announced something of […]

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TriEye raises $2 million more for cameras that can see in the dark

TriEye, an Israel-based semiconductor company pioneering short wave infrared (SWIR) imaging technology for adverse weather and nighttime conditions, today announced that it’s expanded its series A round from $17 million to $19 million with an investment from Porsche. CEO Avi Bakal says that the newfound funds, which bring the startup’s total raised to date to […]

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Intel Capital leads $17 million round in automotive sensor maker TriEye

Automotive sensor company TriEye today announced a $17 million round that will be used to develop its sensors for low-visibility situations for connected and autonomous vehicles. Based in Tel Aviv, TriEye uses a technology known as short-wave-infrared (SWIR). The company’s HD SWIR camera allows vehicles using some version of automated or autonomous features to function […]

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