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Jennifer Lopez’s Motown Tribute at the Grammys Gentrified the Genre

Jennifer Lopez (l) and Smokey Robinson perform at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards ceremony.Photo: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images for The Recording Academy) During Black History Month 2019, the Recording Academy decided to gentrify Motown by having Jennifer “Don’t Be Fooled By the Rocks that I Got” Lopez do a tribute to an undeniably black-ass genre […]

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Watch Adam Sandler’s Extremely Pure Musical Tribute to Chris Farley

It’s been 21 years to the day since Chris Farley, the frenetic god of physical comedy, passed away. His wild and raw bits on SNL were sometimes gravity-defying, like his fluid, ballet-like dance in the iconic Lunch Lady Land sketch, and just as often used gravity to painfully funny effect, like when he crushed a […]

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Saying Goodbye to Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin sold 75 million records, won 15 Grammy awards, and boasted a range that few other singers had before she died this week at 76 years old. Franklin’s legacy—her openness about female sexuality, her embodiment of soul and R&B, and her steadfast dedication to her art—has influenced thousands of artists who have come after […]

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