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MAGA Candidate’s Photo of Racially Diverse Friends Wasn’t What It Seemed

Unfortunately, even despite Canady’s refusal to recuse himself, the rest of the court does not offer much more hope. Another justice, Meredith Sasso, is married to DeSantis loyalist Michael Sasso. DeSantis appointed Michael Sasso as vice chairman of the controversial Disney oversight board. Sasso resigned in May, although he did not explain why. While the […]

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Pennsylvania Fugitive Danelo Cavalcante Joins Long History of Notable Manhunts

For more than a week, Danelo Cavalcante, a Brazilian national who was convicted of murder in suburban Philadelphia and then escaped from prison, has eluded an intense manhunt that has grown to hundreds of law enforcement officers. The pursuit continued on Monday after a weekend in which Mr. Cavalcante, who is also wanted in Brazil […]

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Gloria Johnson, of Tennessee Three, Looks to Unseat GOP Senator Marsha Blackburn

Meadows has already shown himself willing to undermine his former boss in order to save his own skin. In mid-August, Meadows and former Vice President Mike Pence said separately that they had no knowledge of Trump declassifying a large number of documents, completely undermining the former president’s main defense in the Mar-a-Lago case. Other former […]

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