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Superhot VR’s sales on Oculus Quest are 300% higher than its 2016 Rift launch

Superhot VR was one of around 50 titles available when Oculus’ new Quest headset arrived last week. Despite stiff competition, the development team says sales were 300% higher than when it first launched on Rift. The developer didn’t provide any specifics, as to how long that launch window is or, indeed, how many units it […]

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Superhot VR studio tested ‘larger’ levels for Oculus Quest port

Superhot VR on Quest is one of if not the best ports for Oculus’ new standalone headset. Some minor visual sacrifices aside, it’s exactly the same as the original game. In fact, Quest’s tether-free tracking makes it better than it is on PC. But the game’s developer didn’t always plan a straight port for Quest. At one […]

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