Tag: Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir)

Inside Kashmir, Cut Off From the World: ‘A Living Hell’ of Anger and Fear

SRINAGAR, Kashmir — On the streets of Srinagar, Kashmir’s biggest city, security officers tied black bandannas over their faces, grabbed their guns and took positions behind checkpoints. People glanced out the windows of their homes, afraid to step outside. Many were cutting back on meals and getting hungry. A sense of coiled menace hung over […]

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Photos From Kashmir, a Rebellious Land Locked Down by India

NEW DELHI — For most of the past week, the entire Kashmir Valley, home to about eight million people, has been put on virtual house arrest. Indian soldiers rolled in by the tens of thousands. They barricaded roads, closed schools, took positions on rooftops and cut off the internet, mobile phone service and even landlines, […]

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