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Devcom perspectives: The uncomfortable and familiar topic of video game violence

It has been a tense and horrifying year of mass shootings in the U.S., with the blame falling on many issues, including President Donald Trump and the guns. Trump himself tried to shift blame to violent video games, which he said led to a “glorification of violence” in mass culture. Although no research supports a […]

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How Yager designed The Cycle for co-op or player-vs-player combat

Yager Development has a rich history of making high-quality games, from Spec Ops: The Line to Dreadnought. And now it has launched The Cycle in early access on Windows PC. The Cycle is a competitive quest shooter, where you can compete against other Prospectors on the planet of Fortuna III, or you can collaborate with […]

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The DeanBeat: Would politics make video games better?

As I watched my Facebook feed explode about President Donald Trump’s racist comments this week, I couldn’t help but notice that game developers are political creatures, just like everybody else. But if you looked at their games for political messages, you would think that they’re apolitical, concerned only with near-political game environments that don’t take […]

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