Tag: Southeast Asia

Is Huawei a Security Threat? Vietnam Isn’t Taking Any Chances

HANOI, Vietnam — The battle for technological dominance between the United States and China is splitting the world in two, though not always along the lines you might expect. American allies such as Britain and Germany have signaled that they are unlikely to back Washington’s effort to stop countries from working with the Chinese technology […]

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In War for ‘Bloodwood’ Prized in China, Thai Rangers Fight Tree Poachers

Thai forest rangers and recruits in Ta Phraya National Park. Ben C. Solomon/The New York Times TA PHRAYA NATIONAL PARK, Thailand — The rangers walked for hours in almost complete silence through the dense Thai forest, never speaking above a whisper. Even in the early morning, the leaves were dripping with wet heat. The scout […]

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Her Tears of Joy Celebrated the Resilience of a Battered Team

RENNES, France — She has not played a second in the Women’s World Cup. In fact, she is not a player at all. But Nualphan Lamsam of Thailand has provided one of the tournament’s most viral, celebrative and heartwarming moments, representing a team that has been widely applauded for responding to overwhelming defeat with dignity […]

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