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Across Washington, Officials Brace for Government Shutdown

Representative Sean Casten, Democrat of Illinois, is offering pay advances to staffers who would stop receiving paychecks if the government shuts down next weekend. An intern for Representative Abigail Spanberger, Democrat of Virginia, is compiling a list of food banks and financial resources to display on her website in case her office is shuttered. And […]

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The Road From Mitt Romney to MAGA

So Mitt Romney is retiring from the Senate. This is bad news. As excerpts from a forthcoming biography reveal, Romney is cleareyed about what has happened to his party and, if what he says is true, is a profile in courage compared with colleagues who share his horror but are unwilling to say anything. Yet […]

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America Betrays Its Children Again

I’ve been writing about economics and politics for many years, and have learned to keep my temper. Politicians and policymakers often make decisions that are simply cruel; they also often make decisions that are stupid, damaging the national interest for no good reason. And all too often they make decisions that are both cruel and […]

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