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They Crossed an Ocean to Butcher Pigs. It Was No American Dream.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — Anthony Pretrick was scraping by as a fisherman in his Pacific island homeland of Micronesia when he met a job recruiter with an irresistible offer: There was a fortune to be made slaughtering hogs in a faraway place called Iowa. A new pork processing plant was hiring workers for $15.95 an […]

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How Many Hogs Can Be Slaughtered Per Hour? Pork Industry Wants More

The federal government is poised this month to adopt a rule that would essentially turn the largest pork processing lines in the United States into the autobahn: no speed limit. Currently, plants are allowed to slaughter a maximum of 1,106 hogs per hour. As hogs move down the slaughter lines, federal inspectors stationed at each […]

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Deep in the Muslim Heart of Texas, a Farm Family Provides Halal Meat

TOMBALL, Tex. — Syed Raza and his wife, Jeanne Chilson-Raza, prefer not to use the word slaughterhouse. And Hira Halal Meat, their business in this small city an hour’s drive north of Houston, looks more like a petting zoo than an abattoir. An artistically carved granite rock greets visitors at the entrance. Palm trees and […]

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