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Sharpiegate: Democrats Launch Probe Into Whether Team Trump Worked to Muddy Hurricane Facts

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas) at a campaign event in Dallas, July 2019. The head of the House science committee has launched an investigation related to Sharpiegate.Photo: Tony Gutierrez (Associated Press) Donald Trump wouldn’t let Sharpiegate go when he kept insisting that Alabama was too in grave danger from Hurricane Dorian, and now, neither will […]

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Commerce Secretary Said to Have Threatened to Have Heads Roll if Weather Service Didn’t Back Trump on Alabama’s Dorian Risk

Wilbur Ross outside Trump Tower in New York, November 2016Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty) In the latest fallout from Sharpiegate, the push to convince the American people that its wannabe emperor Donald Trump wears clothes, er, was correct, when he put Alabama in the path of Hurricane Dorian, went as far as threats of pink slips […]

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Who Is Responsible for Donald Trump’s Hurricane Coloring Book? An Investigation

Photo: Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images) One of the consequences of electing a deceitful, dimwitted white supremacist to serve at the helm of a deceitful, dimwitted, white supremacist country, is that it sometimes becomes difficult to ascertain why certain things happen. Is Donald Trump spending billions of dollars on a wall because he’s so racist that […]

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