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With 4 Deaths in Iran and More Cases on 3 Continents, Fears of Coronavirus Pandemic Rise

HONG KONG — An alarming surge of new coronavirus cases outside China, with fears of a major outbreak in Iran, is threatening to transform the contagion into a global pandemic, as countries around the Middle East scrambled to close their borders and continents so far largely spared reported big upticks in the illness. In Iran, […]

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The Coronavirus Story is Too Big for China to Spin

Reactions to Li Wenliang’s death last Friday filled the timelines of my social media accounts almost immediately. Post after post on my WeChat. Grief, frustration, anger. A week later, the groundswell of emotions seems unabated. Dr. Li, a 34-year-old ophthalmologist in Wuhan, the Chinese city at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, was one of […]

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$9 Cabbages, Emergency Pork: Coronavirus Tests China on Food

SHOUGUANG, China — Along the roads leading into the small eastern city of Shouguang, workers in hazmat suits stop cars and take passengers’ temperatures. The fever checks are mandatory at offices, too. Whole neighborhoods have been barricaded off to nonresidents. All the hotels are shut. Shouguang is 500 miles away from the epicenter of the […]

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