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Sentons unveils sensors that can make any consumer device into a touch surface

Sentons has unveiled touch and gesture sensors for use in consumer devices, with new types of user interfaces and controls. The San Jose, California-based company makes Software-Defined Surfaces (SDS), and its latest examples are the new SurfaceWave Processor and Gesture Engine. Sentons’ ultimate goal is to bring SDS technology to every glass, plastic, and metal surface […]

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Tencent reveals Republic of Gamers Phone II, with high-end features for mobile gamers

Tencent and Asus revealed the latest Republic of Gamers (ROG) Phone II smartphone for gamers in China. The smartphone runs on Qualcomm’s flagship chip, the Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform. The ROG Phone II features Pixelworks’ Soft Iris enhanced dynamic range capability, which exposes richer color and highlights, revealing greater detail in dark areas for […]

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