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How Has the Electoral College Survived for This Long?

As our revived national conversation on race has made clear, the legacies of slavery and white supremacy run wide and deep in American society and political life. One such legacy — which is particularly noteworthy in a presidential election season — has been the survival and preservation of the Electoral College, an institution that has […]

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F.B.I. Agent in Russia Inquiry Saw Basis in Early 2017 to Doubt Dossier

WASHINGTON — A top F.B.I. agent recognized by February 2017 that a now notorious dossier of claims about purported Trump-Russia ties had credibility problems, but the Justice Department continued to rely on it as part of its basis to renew permission to wiretap a former Trump campaign adviser, documents released on Friday showed. The documents […]

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Graham to Call Mueller to Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee

WASHINGTON — Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina and the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said on Sunday that he would call the former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to testify before his panel about the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and ties to the Trump campaign. The announcement, […]

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