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Anti-Abortion Lawmakers Want the State to Know Everything About Your Abortion

Brent Blue has been practicing medicine in Jackson, Wyoming, for 38 years. At his family medicine and urgent care practice, he also provides abortions. As of July 1, each time he performs an abortion he must submit a report to the state including information about the patient’s age, race, county of residence, and previous pregnancies, […]

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Almost 40 Percent of Abortions Are Now Done With Pills

While the overall abortion rate in the U.S. has hit a record low since the procedure was legalized in 1973 under Roe v. Wade, the rate of people choosing medication abortion to end pregnancies is on the rise, according to new findings from Guttmacher Institute. Medication abortion is a method of abortion that involves taking […]

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Buying Abortion Pills Online Is Overwhelmingly Safe, But Maybe Illegal

Imagine that you’re pregnant, and don’t want to be. Imagine that you live in one of the six states with only one abortion clinic. Imagine that you don’t have much money, and traveling hundreds of miles to the nearest clinic would be prohibitively expensive. Imagine that the nearest state is one of the 27 that […]

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