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8 Ways to Find Yourself Before Looking for Your Soulmate

Finally fall in love…for real. You might call them your soulmate. The love of your life. Your life partner. That special person. Many of us are seeking to find someone to love us, unconditionally. We crave our perfect complement — someone with whom we will share the memories of our lives with. So we go […]

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The Mane Attraction: For Queen Kelly Rowland, Her Hair Is Her Crown and Glory

“The first message that I honestly remember receiving about my hair was that it was hard to manage,” singer-songwriter Kelly Rowland told The Root. As a black woman who has hair that’s been referred to as “a rat’s nest,” I can relate. First question: Do rats even have nests?! Follow-up question: Why are you concerned […]

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6 Ways to Show Yourself the Love You Deserve

When people think about being kind to themselves and practicing self-love, it’s often considered in a noncommittal, “Yes, I really should be doing that more,” sort of way. Then they go about their merry way, continuing the same old behaviors and being anything but kind to themselves. Fortunately, a number of people do decide they […]

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