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Rep. Lauren Boebert Stumbling Through Her Amped Up House Impeachment Speech Has Some Calling Her Sarah Palin 2.0

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert hasn’t been in Congress very long, and she’s already made a name for herself. The freshman representative burst onto the scene by vowing to carry her Glock every time she’s on the floor of Congress, which quickly put her on the radar of the Capitol police. She followed that up by […]

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Bush Doesn’t Look Better in Hindsight. He Looks Worse.

DiIulio wasn’t the only academic in the Bush White House who was appalled by the lack of interest by the president—and by extension, the rest of the White House staff—in the basics of policymaking. Suskind described another example of this grim dynamic in a revealing anecdote, the truth of which I can confirm because I […]

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