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New Jersey May Raise Cigarette Taxes to Highest Level in Nation

UNION, N.J. — Zahir Shabazz smokes about three packs of cigarettes each week. Each time, he hands a cashier $10, give or take, and a slim pack of Newports appears, feeding a habit of nearly 30 years. He said he knows it is time to quit. “It’s too much,” he said. But Mr. Shabazz, 42, […]

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Sugary Drink Consumption Plunges in Chile After New Food Law

Four years after Chile embraced the world’s most sweeping measures to combat mounting obesity, a partial verdict on their effectiveness is in: Chileans are drinking a lot fewer sugar-laden beverages, according to study published Tuesday in the journal PLOS Medicine. Consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks dropped nearly 25 percent in the 18 months after Chile adopted […]

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