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AMD sees $2.13 billion in Q4 revenue thanks to Ryzen and Radeon refreshes

In the fourth quarter ended December 31, Advanced Micro Devices reported earnings that beat Wall Street’s expectations for the maker of processors and graphics chips. The big chip maker announced non-GAAP earnings per share was 32 cents on revenue of $2.13 billion. Analysts expected EPS of 31 cents on revenue of $2.11 billion. The revenue […]

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AMD CTO: How making the right bets years ago is paying off now

It’s been a long ride for Mark Papermaster, chief technology officer at Advanced Micro Devices. But the journey to challenge Intel in the race to design, make, and ship the best microprocessors on the planet is paying off. At CES 2020, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas, AMD was on a victory lap. […]

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