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What Makes a Popular Song Great?

LISTENING FOR AMERICA Inside the Great American Songbook From Gershwin to Sondheim By Rob Kapilow Rob Kapilow may be contemporary America’s most passionate evangelist for the quaint discipline known as “music appreciation.” As a composer, conductor and host of the “What Makes It Great?” programs — and in his occasional appearances on the PBS NewsHour […]

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How ‘Oklahoma!’ Revolutionized the Cast Album

When Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma!” debuted on Broadway in April 1943, everything was going its way — except that it opened smack-dab in the middle of a calamitous recording strike. Eight months earlier, the American Federation of Musicians had enjoined its members from entering any recording studio, and the music industry was scrambling with halfhearted […]

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Listen to the Sound of Love Reinvented in ‘Oklahoma!’ (Headphones On)

How do you make a classic song sound — and feel — totally different without changing its melody, harmony or a single word of its lyrics? How did this version of “People Will Say We’re in Love” [embedded content] — become this one? [embedded content] The 1943 Broadway hit “Oklahoma!” was a game-changer in many […]

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