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Researchers say ‘The Whiteness of AI’ in pop culture erases people of color

Depictions of artificial intelligence in popular culture as mostly white can carry a number of consequences, including the erasure of people who are not white, according to research released today by researchers from the University of Cambridge. The authors say the normalization of predominant depictions of AI as white can influence people aspiring to enter the […]

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National University of Singapore used Intel neuromorphic chip to develop touch-sensing robotic ‘skin’

Last Chance: Register for Transform, VB’s AI event of the year, hosted online July 15-17. During the virtually held Robotics: Science and Systems 2020 conference this week, scientists affiliated with the National University of Singapore (NUS) presented research that combines robotic vision and touch sensing with Intel-designed neuromorphic processors. The researchers claim the “electronic skin” […]

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