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Where Was Mayor Eric Adams During New York City Flooding?

On Friday, a flash flood washed over New York City, grinding the nation’s largest city to a halt and catching millions of people unaware. Including, apparently, Eric Adams, the city’s mayor. As the storm approached last week, Mr. Adams failed to adequately warn the public. Worse, the mayor seems to have suggested in the hours […]

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Anhydrous Ammonia Tanker Crash in Illinois Leaves 5 Dead

Five people died after a crash involving multiple vehicles including a tanker carrying anhydrous ammonia that overturned in Illinois on Friday night, leading to a leak of the toxic gas and prompting residents within a one-mile radius of the crash site to evacuate, officials said. The truck rolled over on U.S. Highway 40, about half […]

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Congestion Pricing Is Coming. It Doesn’t Have to Be Painful.

As the economist Tyler Cowan put it in a recent Washington Post column, “The composition of the residents matters, and the composition of the visitors matters, too.” We can imagine an alternate history where people like Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe looked across the water at Manhattan, from New Jersey and Queens, and decided that […]

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