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Rimac Nevera Got Rear-Ended By A Motorcycle In California

Rimac recently announced it would bring two examples of the Nevera at the Monterey Car Week, but it seems that one of them got involved in an accident in California. A video shows the $2.5-million hypercar moments after it has been rear-ended by a Yamaha motorcycle under unknown circumstances. The footage was uploaded on Tik […]

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Which Powerful Auto Exec Crashed And Destroyed A Rimac Nevera While Attempting To Drift?

The Rimac Nevera is the quickest-accelerating production car ever launched and despite it having almost 2,000 hp, the CTO of one automaker thought it would be a good idea to try and drift one. It wasn’t a good idea. Earlier this week, we brought you a clip featuring Nico Rosberg and Mate Rimac driving the […]

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