Tag: Right to Repair

Apple Defends after Market Battery Warning, Says Its for Safety of Customers

In a bid to discourage third party battery replacement, Apple recently activated a dormant lock on its iPhones. With the lock in place, iPhones will start showing a “Service” error message if it is unable to verify if the battery is genuine or not. As expected Apple took flak from users who termed it as […]

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The Government Wants to Tackle Big Tech’s Repair Monopolies and Planned Obsolescence

For years, the “right to repair” movement struggled to gain widespread public attention. But that’s started to change as consumers, activists, and even Presidential candidates have highlighted how arbitrary tech repair restrictions are driving up costs, eroding consumer rights, and creating a mountain of unnecessary electronic waste. Tuesday, the FTC held a hearing dubbed Nixing […]

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Apple Is Still Trying to Sue the Owner of an Independent iPhone Repair Shop

Despite initially losing the case last year, Apple is continuing its legal pursuit against the owner of a small, independent iPhone repair shop in Norway. Apple is attempting to hold the repair shop owner liable for importing what it says are counterfeit iPhone screens into his home country of Norway. Last year, Apple sued Henrik […]

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