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The RetroBeat: Why the heck didn’t the GameCube sell better?

What’s your favorite video game console of all time? That’s one of the most fun questions you can ask folks who love games. For me, the answer could change depending on the day and my mood. Yet a lot of the time, I’ll choose the Nintendo GameCube. And this isn’t that odd of an answer! […]

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The RetroBeat: Disney’s Rescue Rangers gave the NES two fantastic sidescrollers

I hope you’ll indulge a little self-promotion. I co-host a podcast about Disney in the ’90s called (simply enough) 90s Disney. Our next episode is about one of my favorite cartoons when I was growing up: Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers. To prepare for the podcast, I not only watched some episodes of the show, […]

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The RetroBeat: Why Suikoden deserves a spiritual successor

Japanese role-playing game fans are buzzing today thanks to the announcement of Eiyuden Chronicle, a spiritual successor to Konami’s Suikoden series that involves many of the key people responsible for that celebrated franchise. You can learn more about Eiyuden Chronicle from The Verge. A Kickstarter campaign will seek crowdfunding for the project starting on July 27. […]

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