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Corruption Is the Tie that Binds for Trump-Era Republicans

A strange thing has happened over the past month or so: Senate Republicans have begun to stand up to President Trump. Haltingly, tentatively, perhaps, but on things that matter, a bit of spine has been sighted. What matters? Well, they’ve objected to the controversial appointments of Herman Cain and Stephen Moore to seats on the […]

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Republicans Plan to Rig Elections for a Decade

Let’s just get this out of the way right up top: Republicans like white people. The Anglo-Saxon kind, anyway. They like them better than people of color; they like them better than people who might self-identify as white themselves, but are considered in the United States to be “other.” People of Latinx decent, for instance, […]

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Is Trump DOA in the Rust Belt?

If you’re the betting sort, maybe bet on the 2020 election being decided in the Rust Belt. It was there, in 2016, when the Democrats’ fabled “blue wall”—Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania—crumbled, handing an Electoral College victory to Donald Trump. In the 2018 midterms, however, Democrats began to rebuild that wall, electing three governors, three senators, and […]

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