Tag: Religion-State Relations

You Can’t Force People to Assimilate. So Why Is China at It Again?

The Chinese government’s campaign of internment in the northwestern region of Xinjiang is extraordinary, by dint of its scale — but also, its contradictions. Up to 1.5 million people from predominantly Muslim Turkic minorities — Uighurs, Kazakhs and Kyrgyz — have been arbitrarily detained in political re-education camps designed in part to make them renounce […]

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How to Defy the Catholic Church

NASHVILLE — On June 26, 2015, I was standing on the sidewalk in front of the United States Supreme Court building with my husband and two of our sons. We were all waving flags emblazoned with an equal sign, gifts from a stranger waiting for the court to hand down a decision in Obergefell v. […]

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Supreme Court Allows 40-Foot Peace Cross Honoring War Dead on State Property

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that a 40-foot cross honoring soldiers who died in World War I could remain on state property in suburban Maryland. The cross, justices said, did not violate the First Amendment’s ban on government establishment of religion. The decision was fractured, and the seven justices in the majority […]

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