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FTC and 17 states sue Amazon for antitrust, accuse it of being a monopoly

Head over to our on-demand library to view sessions from VB Transform 2023. Register Here The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the attorneys’ general of 17 states today filed an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon over its e-commerce business, accusing the company of being a “monopolist that uses a set of interlocking anticompetitive and unfair […]

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Generous Tax Subsidies for Sustainable Aviation Fuels in the U.S.? Yes, But Details Matter.

One of the Inflation Reduction Act’s key provisions is a powerful tax credit to spark the development and adoption of clean, low-carbon aviation fuels. Climate pollution from aircraft is often overlooked, but if aviation were a country, it would be among the top 10 greenhouse gas emitters. The Biden administration is about to make a […]

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Techonomy 23 to Focus On the Promise and the Peril of AI

Fast forward to 2030, and the way we work has been irrevocably transformed. Automation, driven by AI, has freed humans from routine tasks, allowing them to focus on creativity and problem-solving. The gig economy will become a dominant economic force, offering individuals flexibility and career choices. A workforce where humans and AI collaborate harmoniously has […]

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