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This Philadelphia Refinery Is the Country’s Worst Benzene Polluter. Trump Wants To Keep It Open

Yves here. What is particularly appalling is that, as you’ll read, a winning bidder wanting to turn the refinery land into a real estate development is now facing having his offer rejected by hidden interests who want to keep the refinery going. There also appears to be no particular unique economic value to this refinery. […]

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Cherre raises $16 million to analyze real estate data with AI

Real estate data collection and analytics costs can total in the millions of dollars. That’s why in 2016, L.D. Salmanson founded Cherre, a startup that leverages AI to cost-effectively resolve property data from disparate public and private sources. After raising $9 million in October 2018, the New York-based company today announced that it’s snagged $16 […]

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