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The Art of the Unspeakable

In 1971, the artist Suzanne Lacy was taking classes with Judy Chicago at the California Institute of the Arts, and she had an idea: What if they created a performance that involved an audience listening to recordings of women telling their stories of rape? It sounds simple now but it wasn’t then, because those kinds […]

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The Woman Sexually Assaulted While Unconscious in the Stanford U Case Says It’s Time the World ‘Knew’ Her Name

Chanel MillerPhoto: Mariah Tiffany (Viking via AP) The woman whose Stanford University attacker was sentenced to mere months in jail for sexually assaulting her as she lay unconscious has revealed her identity for the first time in the aftermath of a case that raised sharp criticisms around white privilege and rape culture. Chanel Miller is […]

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Bill Cosby Called Himself ‘America’s Dad’ and Black Twitter Determined That Was a Lie

Photo: Matt Rourke (AP Photo) Disgraced comedian Bill Cosby might be a lot of things—an alleged serial rapist, “a sexually violent predator,” inmate number NN7687—but one title he can no longer claim is “America’s Dad.” Nah, bruh. We threw that baby out with the bathwater. America’s Dad wouldn’t be serving time in prison for sexual […]

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