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A Cop Sexually Assaulted Their Son. Then Child Protective Services Retaliated.

To Cooper’s sister Meghan, it felt as if DSS came daily, insisting on speaking to the kids without their parents. “They wanted to go into our bedrooms,” said Meghan. “They wanted to look through our nightstands and our dresser drawers. They wanted to look through everything.” Meghan said Spring Cook found condoms and a sex […]

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Videos of Police Brutality Against Black People Are a Futile Spectacle in White America

The trauma videos can inflict on Black Americans is well documented. From this perspective, the videos are problematic reminders of the threat of violence that underwrites Black life. On the other hand, a case has been made that videos of police shootings have an evidentiary function in that they help illuminate the ubiquity of police […]

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The Urgency of Police Reform Is at the Mercy of a Divided Congress

Horsford has invited Nichols’s family as his guests to the president’s State of the Union address next week; he told the Post that he is hopeful that Biden will address police reform in his remarks. “We want him to be involved in this because it’s important enough to the American people that all of our […]

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