Tag: Proceedings of the Royal Society B (Journal)

How Does a Male Black Widow Find a Mate? Follow the Other Guys

It’s a myth that black widow female spiders always kill and consume their mates. But courtship remains perilous for males, cannibalism or no. The terrain, navigated in the dark, is challenging. The female’s web releases come-hither pheromones, but only about 12 percent of prospective males manage to reach it. And once there, they can expect […]

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Out of Their Eggs, Into the Sky: How Baby Pterosaurs May Have Taken Flight

Modern nature teaches us that flying isn’t child’s play. Newborn birds spend their early days in the nest, and bat pups don’t take off for weeks on end, often requiring prodding from their mothers. But what about baby pterosaurs? Some researchers think the young of these flying reptiles that lived in the time of the […]

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A School of Fish, Captured in a Fossil

Fish can band together, sometimes in the millions, to form a school or shoal. They will move as one, like a flock of birds, so long as each fish stays in line with the fish that surround it. Modern fish, as well as other kinds of animals, already know how to move as one. But […]

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