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We’re Finally Getting a ‘Coming to America’ Sequel and It Sounds Rad as Hell

Good morning, my neighbors! It’s finally happening: Eddie Murphy’s Prince Akeem is officially headed stateside again for a Coming to America sequel, more than three decades after the original first hit in theaters back in 1988. On Wednesday, Murphy reunited with his America sidekick Arsenio Hall during a pre-production fitting with Ruth E. Carter, the […]

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Citizens of Zamunda! The Coming to America Sequel Is Coming—in 2020

Eddie Murphy in Coming to America Screenshot: Paramount Pictures (YouTube) We’ve been hearing about a possible Coming to America sequel for a while now, whether it’s rumored plot details (following the next generation of Prince Akeem) or the film’s new scribe (Kenya Barris); and it looks like we finally have a release date to look […]

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