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Why Is Fried Chicken Fashion a Thing? KFC Makes Its Bid for Pop-Cultural Relevance With…a Croc?

Just when we thought Crocs had cemented their reputation as the ugliest (but supposedly most comfortable) footwear, the fried chicken industry’s oldest (but least delectable—fight me) fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken has told us to hold its beer because these two beloved staples of middle-America (again, fight me; I live there) have joined forces to […]

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Stick to Sandwiches: No One Asked for It, but Popeyes Has an Ivy Park-Inspired Clothing Line (That’s Selling Out Fast)

Photo: Shutterstock, Allen Berezovsky (Getty Images) There are hits, there are misses, and there are “nobody asked for this-es.” But since creating the world’s most beloved sandwich wasn’t enough, Popeyes is attempting to take their zeitgeist moment one step further by capitalizing on another recent pop-cultural phenomenon. Advertisement That’s right; after noticing that Beyoncé’s premiere […]

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