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Huawei wants to name its Android OS replacement ‘Harmony’ in Europe

Huawei may still be facing an uncertain future over its access to licensed versions of Android and Windows operating systems, but it’s been busy readying in-house replacements in case the tide turns against its favor. Now, the world’s second largest phone maker has filed a trademark application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, attempting […]

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Review: RHA’s handy travel adaptor lets you use your favorite wireless headphones in flight

RHA’s latest product is a love-letter to the jetlagged, sweaty, exhausted travelers among us. The ones who regularly make the difficult choice between chicken and beef. The ones getting grilled at immigration, and having their gonads gently caressed by a TSA meathead while their laptop gets swabbed for explosives. There are never any explosives. It’s […]

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UK Alexa users can now get answers to medical questions right from the NHS

Amazon’s Alexa is all set to gain medical smarts in the UK, thanks to a partnership with the National Health Service (NHS). The healthcare service said it’s teaming up with Amazon‘s voice assistant to help answer medical queries with advice from the service’s official website. From this week, UK users who ask Alexa health-related questions — “Alexa, […]

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