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Review: Brilliant’s smart home controllers are the antidote for smart-speaker hell

My home is inundated with smart speakers. I’ve got Echo Dots aplenty, Google Minis to spare, and enough third-party voice-assistant devices to reproduce Plugged’s Bluetooth speaker symphony. And that’s not even getting into all the other “smart” gear I have. I need help. We were promised smart homes by science fiction, and then guaranteed they […]

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China could hurt Apple profits by 29% if it avenged the Huawei ban, says analyst

Trump’s Huawei ban was bad news for China, as it effectively crippled the world’s second-largest smartphone maker from its largest source of income. But China is also very much in a position to retaliate, and Apple – the world’s third-largest smartphone maker – could be among the ones to suffer. Goldman Sachs analysts estimated in a […]

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Hifiman Jade II Review: This $2,500 headphone sacrifices portability for supreme detail

In the early days of my audio obsession, electrostatic headphones were legendary. Products like Stax’s SR-009 and Sennheiser’s Orpheus HE90 promised higher resolution than was possible with the typical dynamic drivers of the day. But they were woefully impractical, being some of the few headphones to cross the $1,000 mark and requiring a specialized, bulky amplifier. Fast forward […]

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