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Federal Bill Seeks to Make Companies Responsible for Plastic Waste

Recycle that plastic bottle. Drink from a reusable water bottle. Stop eating from foam takeout containers. Solutions to the plastic waste problem are often described in terms of what consumers can do to help. But federal legislation, set to be introduced by two Democrats in Congress on Tuesday, would shift responsibility to the industries producing […]

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Your Foam Coffee Cup Is Fighting for Its Life

MASON, Mich. — The Dart Container Corporation, by some measures, is an American success story. The family-owned business was co-founded in Michigan by a World War II veteran with a triple major in mathematics, engineering and metallurgy, and it developed products that, in no small way, helped fuel the modern economy. Dart makes, by the […]

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China Says It Will Ban Plastics That Pollute Its Land and Water

BEIJING — It’s piled up in landfills. It clutters fields and rivers, dangles from trees, and forms flotillas of waste in the seas. China’s use of plastic bags, containers and cutlery has become one of its most stubborn and ugliest environmental blights. So the Chinese government has introduced measures to drastically cut the amount of […]

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