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Arizona Judge Reinstates Strict Abortion Ban From 1864

A judge on Friday ruled that a near-total abortion ban written before Arizona became a state must be enforced, throwing abortion access into question one day before the start of a 15-week ban that passed the Legislature this year. The stricter ban, which can be traced to 1864, was blocked by a court injunction in […]

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Idaho Supreme Court Rules That Strict Abortion Ban Can Take Effect

Idaho’s near-total ban on abortion can go into effect at the end of August while legal challenges to the restrictions are reviewed, the Idaho Supreme Court said in a ruling late Friday. As a result of the decision, the ban is scheduled to begin on Aug. 25. The Court issued the decision based on three […]

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On Abortion, Kansas Voters Held the Line

Kansas has a history of relative reproductive freedom, too, and related turmoil. The Wichita clinic of George Tiller, one of the nation’s few physicians who performed rare third-trimester abortions, was pipe-bombed in 1986. Anti-abortion zealots from across the country descended on Dr. Tiller’s clinic with disruptive mass protests during the summer of 1991. He survived […]

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