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Playlist: The Playlist: Sky Ferreira’s Moody Re-emergence, and 13 More New Songs

ImageSky Ferreira produced her first original song since 2013 with the music supervisor for “Twin Peaks,” Dean Hurley.CreditSandy Kim [embedded content] The first original song Sky Ferreira has released since 2013 veers sharply away from the armor-clad pop that filled her first album. But in a way, it’s a segue from that record’s ominous (and […]

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Critic’s Notebook: R&B Blossoms, With Hip-Hop in the Rear View

R&B has been tussling with hip-hop for around three decades, and depending what lens you’re looking through, has been either roundly defeated or sneakily triumphant. As hip-hop rose to prominence in the late 1980s to the mid-1990s, it began to view R&B as a partner, sometimes willing, and sometimes not. There were collaborations between rappers […]

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