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Microsoft Dynamics 365’s AI tracks customer behavior in retail stores

Microsoft is rolling out two new software solutions today to help brick-and-mortar retailers track customers and improve service. Dynamics 365 Connected Store will utilize a combination of computer vision, cameras, and IoT sensors to track customers inside stores and personalize recommendations based on their browsing and buying behavioral data. Events detected by Connected Store will […]

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New Yelp features help you find what you need and avoid what you hate

Yelp, one of the largest and most trafficked brick-and-mortar business directories on the web, hopes to make its mobile apps more personal by better reflecting individual preferences. To this end, it’ll soon allow users to specify things like dietary restrictions, attributes, and interests to tailor the suggestions they see. When the revamped experience rolls out […]

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Flybits raises $35 million to personalize customer experiences with AI

Knowing when and where a person is, was, and will be can enable magical customer experiences. That’s the founding premise of Toronto- and San Francisco-based startup Flybits, and it’s swiftly winning over customers — and attracting investors in turn. Flybits today announced that it’s raised $35 million in series C funding led by Point72 Ventures, […]

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