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Sewage, Squatters, Disease: U.S. Military Barracks Are Depressing Hellholes, Watchdog Finds

Washington watchdogs investigated the life of the average enlisted soldier in the U.S. military and uncovered barracks filled with sewage, broken AC systems, mold, broken windows, and crime.  In a report titled “Poor Living Conditions Undermine Quality of Life and Readiness,” the Government Accountability Office—a non-partisan group of investigators who report to Congress—detailed the squalid […]

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Is Tommy Tuberville Paving the Way for Trump to Fill the Pentagon with Lackeys?

At the lower levels, the military policy is necessary given the grim realities of where the DOD is now. It has a significant problem with sexual assault that appears to be getting worse. It also has major problems with recruiting, and 30 percent of 16- to 24-year-olds specifically cite fear of sexual assault as the […]

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