Tag: Paleontology

What Sounds Did Dinosaurs Make?

In the next generation of dinosaur-based blockbuster films, some of the star creatures could perhaps sound more like a bird and a little less like a roaring lion. At least that’s a possibility raised from new research published this month, although very little is really understood about dinosaur vocals. But a research team has drawn […]

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We Regret the Fossil Error. It Wasn’t the First.

At its best, paleontology opens windows into trillions of other lifetimes spent swimming, scuttling, stomping and soaring across this planet. Scientists, the press and the public alike tend to tell and retell these success stories, lionizing intrepid researchers. The most impressive specimens are enshrined in museums. But possibly just as important is when scientists get […]

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These Extinct Elephants Were Neanderthals’ ‘Biggest Calorie Bombs’

In his 1931 book, “How to Tell Your Friends From the Apes,” the American satirist Will Cuppy noted that Neanderthals had fires, caves, marrow bones, mosquitoes, love and arthritis. “What more can you ask?” he mused. If you answered “bush meat block parties,” you might be on to something. That is essentially the conclusion of […]

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